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Welcome to PT Cruiser Seat Covers

If you fancy a retro style for your car, the Chrysler PT Cruiser is sure to appeal to you. The PT Cruiser is an essentially American “retro”-styled station wagon or hatchback that was first introduced by Chrysler in 2000 as an entry-level car. The car featured prominently on the top 10 list as published by ‘Car And Driver’ in 2001. It also won the North American Car of the Year award the same year.

For those yet to unravel the mystery of the two initials in the name, the “PT” simply stands for “Positively Tremendous”. Opinions differ in this respect. Consumer Guide and the PT Cruiser Club would have us believe that it means nothing more than “Personal Transportation”.

Neoprene Seat Covers
Coverking now carries a great range of genuine CR-Grade Neoprene. CR-Grade, known for its high water resistant properties and a pleasing, cushion feel, is often used in manufacturing surfing wetsuits. CR-Grade Neoprene covers can be easily spot cleaned or hand washed and air-dried. They are available in many two-tone shades, including Hawaiian Prints.
Genuine Leather Seat Covers
If you are among those who would not settle for anything less than the best and the original, Coverking’s range of genuine leather slip-on covers are for you. These covers offer impeccable custom fit and are made with OEM quality top grade leather on the seating surface with Leatherette covering underneath.
Leatherette Seat Covers
If you are looking for an elegant yet easy-to-use material for your car covers, Leatherette is an excellent choice. It sports the looks and feel of expensive genuine leather, but actually costs a fraction of real leather. It is a high-grade vinyl that is tough, easy to clean and a breeze to install.
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